The world of Digital Marketing is a vast, and sometimes confusing one.  There are so many platforms, plugins and posts to manage.  Where do you start?  If you’re a business owner, manager or in charge of your business’ digital marketing – there’s 5 common mistakes that you should avoid! Let’s cover them below:

Digital marketing plays a massive role in modern day marketing. Digital marketing is basically everything a brand does to market its products and services to the customer prospects via digital technologies. This mode of marketing has become such a vital platform for businesses to promote themselves that it is very important to get certain basic aspects of it spot on.

Yes, it’s important to sharpen your basic skills.... Steer clear of these mistakes!

Not Focusing on Facebook Live and Instagram Story

Be it an Instagram Story or a Facebook Live Feed Post, live video viewership continues to increase every day. A properly presented video is always more attention-grabbing as compared to written content. Thus, whether a company is marketing on Facebook or Instagram, sharing more live videos of the brands and what goes on behind the scenes at the company can really help in humanising the brand to its target audience.

Live videos also generate instant reviews in the form of comments and replies, allowing social media managers to gain a clear picture about the status of the content being presented. Research states that 80% of regular social media users prefer to watch live videos with both Facebook and Instagram gathering billions of live views every day. Live video is expected to reach fresher heights this year. All organisations need to plan to generate live videos for the publicity of its products/services.

Losing Focus on Blogging

Content is the drive that unlocks all the digital marketing exertions of a business on the internet. Blogs can be of various kinds –

  • Social media platforms blog/posts

  • Website blogs and articles

Quality content is one of the most significant factors in shaping a company’s search engine optimisation success.

The goal of blogging is not to endorse, but to teach and grab the target viewer’s attention by giving them enormous value. The best way to never lose focus on blogging is figuring out which type of content the target audience has a knack of getting attracted to and then publishing various articles, blogs and posts on those types of topics.

Not Participating in Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than just sending out commercial messages to groups of target audiences via email – it is about being a regular part of the intended target audience’s emails. Whether they convert immediately or not, it is a great way of reminding the consumer of the business and staying top of mind.

Not Investing in Pop Ups

Pop-up ads are types of internet marketing adverts where the intention is to promote a product/service in addition to attracting web traffic and capturing the mail addresses of the people who click on these ads. They can be created in a huge range of ways, and bear the appearance of subordinate browser windows. Content varies, be it company advertising videos or latest news updates – anything to attract the user. Pop Up ad spaces are easy to implement and can be highly effective when used properly.

Not having Effective Lead Magnets

Even though all landing pages should ask users for their mail address, the main problem is convincing them to actually give it. An efficient lead magnet can easily do the trick. A lead magnet, also called gated content is an appreciated offer or inducement — typically a content download or a free trial offer following a landing page. An effective lead magnet can add tons of email addresses to your mailing list, opening up new avenues for lead generation.

These are the basic steps every company looking to establish their presence in the digital sphere, should keep in mind.  If you’re busy working in your business, and don’t have the time you need to work on your Digital Marketing – get in touch with me for a no obligation consultation.  Flamingo & Co offer solutions for all 5 of these common mistakes, and would love to help make your Digital Marketing successful.

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