Don’t let your business miss out on the power of Facebook advertising… Here’s why:

Social media has proven to be a wonderful way for local businesses to increase the amount of exposure they receive. It is a proven way of improving a business’s web traffic, creating a loyal set of customers, generating leads and sales. Ever since its inception, Facebook has established itself as the most influential social network in terms of public participation which means it is and should be the preferred social media platform for most marketers. Here are five key reasons why all ambitious businesses must advertise on Facebook.

1. Potential Customers

According to statistics released by the company, Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users as of 2018, with most users visiting the website via mobile. The average Internet user spends about two hours daily on social media, a considerable share of it on Facebook. So, for businesses looking to expand their customer reach and count, advertising on Facebook is the ideal place to start.

2. Extremely Scalable Content Marketing

Businesses that consistently create website content miss out on a massive number of views if they do not share updates on their social network profiles, especially on Facebook. Facebook Ads help in amplifying the reach of the content. How? When Facebook influencers and opinion leaders share these Facebook Ads (for Facebook personalities with a great following, sharing of advertisements is a legitimate procedure practiced heavily) the content gains exposure to large audiences causing it to have a snowball effect.

3. Measurable Marketing

Facebook Ads are extremely return on investment oriented. They help businesses reach out to specific segments of their target audience offering authoritative ad targeting opportunities. Businesses can analyse their customers’ purchase behaviour. They can creatively target events to formulate advertisement campaigns that generate more hype. Once businesses are able to set up a loyal base for target audiences, they can increase their sales. Measuring the reach of their ads also helps them to apply the same strategies to influence other similar audience sections into becoming potential customers. The possibilities are unlimited and Facebook Ad Analytic tools helps in measuring the success or failure of campaigns easily.

4. Easy Remarketing

Remarketing is a form of technology that displays ads for a business to customers on a frequent basis, just after they have visited a website or used a mobile app to purchase something. Customers will be shown these advertisements when every time they –

  • Visit other websites

  • Search for something on Google

  • Use social media, particularly Facebook

  • Use other similar mobile applications

Remarketing is a formidable way for companies to grow their business and create a loyal customer base. Combining remarketing with Facebook Ads is an easy and extremely helpful way of doing so. 

5. Leads, Leads and More Leads

Here’s how Facebook Ads create leads -

  • Website content sharing exposes a business to Facebook users.

  • The Facebook ad leads a customer to the website.

  • These websites can tag visitors who visit the website with cookie – thus the remarketing process is initiated.

  • Now the business can start employing behavioural and demographic sifters on the visitors to target the Facebook Ads to a similar group of people on Facebook.

The combination of demographic targeting and Facebook Ads is superb and can generate far more leads as compared to traditional routes of advertising. There has never been a better and more economical way to build a brand and generate new demand for goods and services.

If your business is not yet advertising on Facebook, you should be. Flamingo & Co are experienced specialists in paid social media advertising and can help you create effective campaigns. Get in touch today for a no obligation chat!