Digital marketing has attained a major role in modern-day marketing. Digital marketing techniques are basically all activities a company has to undertake in order for them to market their products and services in the digital space.

Here’s how businesses can use some of these crucial digital marketing techniques to their benefit:

Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram

According to latest press releases from the company – Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users whereas Facebook boasts around 2.27 billion monthly active users. Most users of these social media networks do so via their mobile phones, and this offers businesses the chance to influence customers directly. Instagram ads, especially ads on Instagram Stories, enable companies to place in a small ad in between stories created from their own accounts, or from influential accounts with large groups of followers.

Apart from paid ads on the website/application and paid posts made from influential accounts, Instagram Story ads have paved another route for advertisers to reach out to their target audiences. These ads maintain the viewer’s experience while giving small businesses the chance to present full screen advertisements for a small cost. Similarly, Facebook Ads are slanted towards securing returns on investment for businesses, helping them reach out to detailed sections of their target addressees offering commanding and efficient advertising opportunities.

The best part about paid ads on Facebook and Instagram is that companies can investigate their customers’ behaviour. It is very easy to see through their analytics, which products and services they like, and so on. In addition to that, these platforms make remarketing very cost-efficient.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is just as cost-effective as social media. It is a great way of expanding brand exposure, reaching out to new groups of customers. Apart from being low cost and requiring very less manpower, email campaigns are very scalable as well.

Email marketing assimilates critical elements of the traditional direct mail marketing procedure and presents new advantages to business owners –

- It barges in to the target user’s psyche, causing him/her to pay attention to a particular brand/product.

- It is time-saving as results can be gathered and analysed on a weekly basis.

- New campaigns can be launched in a swift manner, based on these analyses.

- Since most consumers access their mails through their mobile phones, penetration via efficient implementation of customisation tactics is possible.

Website Optimisation and Landing Pages for Promotions

A landing page is a webpage where users who have clicked on an ad are directed to. A key part of web optimisation, similar to SEO building strategies, landing pages are an efficient way of securing lead generation and expanding customer-business relationships.

Content Marketing and Blogging

Using of proper keywords and presenting well-versed ideas on certain topics, putting forward custom-made content and using it as a promotional tool, be it via a Facebook post or an Instagram story - Content Marketing is an efficient way for businesses to become the opinion leaders of the area or industry they operate in. Similarly, Blogging is an efficient and indirect way of grabbing the target customer’s attention by putting forward relevant content on all platforms which are valuable to the average target consumer.

Low cost, highly efficient and something that majority of the target audience is interested in at the moment, digital marketing is a vital weapon all businesses must use efficiently.

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