Simple Ways to Improve Organic reach on Major Social Media Platforms

The common misconception amongst smaller businesses and independent workers is that achieving good organic reach on social media is getting seemingly impossible. But, that is not true. It is difficult but very possible. A lot of businesses have successfully improved their social media organic reach by carefully navigating around the nitty-gritties of social media algorithm updates. The algorithm updates determine what users see or choose to see on their social media timelines.

Here are some of the key factors that need to be considered while working with these algorithms and making sure they work in a way that maximizes organic reach -

Crack the Algorithm

The algorithms of social media networks are ever-changing, with the main focus of these updates being on improving user experience, making sure that they see exactly what they want to see on their respective timelines. How do these social media algorithms work?

Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm - The Facebook algorithm entails four crucial components that shape the content users see on their timelines - inventory, indicators, estimates, and relevancy score. These indicators are what marketers and labels can concentrate on to increase their organic reach. More active interactions – be it in the form of posts being shared, user comments, and likes or dislikes a post has – means that there is a better chance of exposure.

Instagram of late has disclosed the three key factors that regulate the posts people see on their Instagram feeds -

  • Notice - Posts that Instagram’s algorithm thinks will attract the attention of a particular user will be positioned higher up the feed.

  • Timelines - New posts will be inclined to appear higher in a user’s feed as compared to older posts.

  • Relationships - Posts made by accounts a user has frequently networked with will also appear higher in user’s feed.

  • Frequency of the posts - Instagram intends to show users the most appreciated posts since his or her last visit.

  • Who a User Is Following - If a user follows several Instagram accounts, the algorithm will try to show posts from a wide range of accounts.

By carefully keeping these small details in mind, marketers can plan out what and when they post on these social media networks.

Smart Posting

The posting frequency as mentioned above should be focused on content that is guaranteed to be appreciated by the target audience. Always focus on quality over quantity.

For people looking to implement this approach, some things that need to be considered are -

  • Experiment and test what the target audience likes or dislikes with posting only two to three pieces of content on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Post content that is of top quality. It should not consistent of irrelevant information.

  • Don’t clickbait users because it contributes to the users losing trust in a brand name.

  • Schedule and post consistent content.

Increasing organic reach on major social media websites is all about being tenacious and dependable with the content that is being shared with the users. The ultimate goal is to build a trustful relationship with the users, posting relatable and useful content. And lastly, all marketers should pay attention to algorithm and customer-behaviour changes and test innovative ideas on a consistent basis.