Businesses that don’t use email marketing as a potent promotional tool face the risk of missing out on a huge chunk of new leads and potential sales. In a market environment where email marketing is such an easily available tool, not partaking in this marketing mechanism could result in competitors gaining a significant edge. Here are some crucial reasons as to why email marketing is critical for a business:

Effective Way of Acquiring Customers and Providing Measurable Results

Email marketing is just as effective as social media when it comes to acquiring new customers. It also helps marketing teams in measuring the results of the campaign. As opposed to other types of marketing, gathering assessable results with email marketing is easy. Campaigns can be judged on the basis of effectiveness, through assessing the percentage of people who addressed the promotional emails. It also helps small businesses in testing various email outreach practices to figure out which marketing strategies make the most impact.

Low Cost and Low Labour Requirements

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive methods of reaching out to large audiences, making it ideal for small businesses. Apart from acquiring customer data and creating an extensive mailing list, there isn’t much money or labour involved. The return on investment on email marketing is astonishingly profitable with most companies recording a return four times worth their initial investment.

Integration of Proven Marketing Techniques

Email marketing integrates crucial elements of direct mail marketing –

  • Interrupts the user causing him or her to pay attention

  • Optimization of time – each campaign can be launched on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis

On top of that there are no printing or postage expenses. Sending out emails to mailing lists is usually less expensive than printing a set of flyers. Proven marketing techniques can be easily implemented in email marketing.

Mobile Phone Penetration by Implementing Customisation

Email marketing is the ideal way to gain brand exposure amongst mobile users. The average mobile phone user checks his or her phone almost a hundred times a day. A considerable number of people use their mobile devices to read and respond to their emails. This makes it easy for brands to get noticed. A certain way to get noticed would be to compose the email as if it is a personal message instead of spam. Other methods of paid marketing are costlier and do not offer these benefits. Tailoring the marketing message to appeal to each consumer base may be the greatest benefit that email marketing presents, especially for small businesses that operate on low budgets.

Includes a Strong Call to Action

Consumers are likelier to acquire something when they get a sense of being invited to try out a product/service. Businesses can go a long way in enhancing lead generation by inspiring users to click and open an email. Boosting users to click the website is another assured way of guaranteeing a healthy return on investment.

The worst-case scenario is that the company keeps on sending continued emails to interested subscribers but there are no responses. In case there are no immediate results, drip campaigns can help marketers assess which forms of email marketing were least and most appreciated by their target audiences, giving a clear idea on how to plan the next marketing moves.

If your business is not yet utilising Email Marketing, you’re missing out on a cost effective digital marketing technique. Get in touch with Flamingo & Co today to implement successful Email Marketing campaigns for your business for as little as $499.