Instagram has come a long way from being a platform that merely displays square images. Users now have the option of sharing images, videos, live-streams, stop-motion sequences and a lot more. The main modification came in 2016, with the insertion of Instagram Stories into the social media app. This system of social sharing transformed the way people network on the internet, paving way for new internet opinion leaders, hurling brands into the spotlight.

Instagram’s Influence on Businesses

According to Instagram’s latest press release, the social network recorded more than 1 billion active monthly users proving to be up there with Facebook in terms of most popular social networks globally. The press release also stated that two-thirds of profile visits to business pages came from users who weren’t following that particular business page, meaning –

Instagram, more than being a splendid place to develop a business’s existing customer group, it is also the perfect place for gaining brand exposure and securing the chances of sales growth.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature that enables users to post pictures and videos that expire after a day giving the posts a sense of urgency that most types of social media sharing do not have. Introduced in 2013, by 2018 Instagram Stories has accumulated over 300 million active users. It indeed gives a fantastic opportunity to companies to create brand awareness.

How Instagram Stories Helps Businesses

- It is not about how many followers a page has; it is about how many active users pay attention to the stories.

- It is not about the width of influence, it is about the depth of impact a story has. So, businesses even with a small reach have the opportunity to shine.

- The platform is effortlessly well-matched for crystal clear, trustworthy, immediate content – powerful content.

Most importantly, for small businesses, it is a free platform.

Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads enables businesses to insert a small advert between users’ stories. These ads should fit with the presentation of a story, maintaining the viewing user’s experience steady and flow incessantly. The ability to present full-screen ads gives businesses a chance to hold the viewer’s total active attention. So, if the creators are smart enough to create a convincing and attention-gripping ad, viewers will not press the skip button and will be willing to engage with the brand.

The Swipe Up Feature

Presently accessible to verified accounts and business pages with over 10,000 followers, the swipe up feature provides an extremely valuable way of attracting customers to businesses. Influencers are able to attract instant traffic to the most optimum landing point for a brand. Want users to shop or register for a service? The swipe up feature is proficient in driving instant results for a marketing campaign. In addition to that, track-able links make the measurement of the level of viewer engagement extremely easy. So, businesses can easily pick and choose which influencers they want to invest in.

Instagram Stories, Swipe Ups and all of its features can be used to

- Increase product awareness

- Announce sales, discounts or special events

- Start a public or private conversation

For new businesses, stepping into a new market or reinforcing their presence amongst their existing group of customers, has never been easier.

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