Account Creation

Flamingo & Co can help you establish your online presence! We can establish your accounts across all relevant platforms - and ensure brand cohesion throughout. If you’re just getting started and need to be “digitally on-boarded”, let’s chat about the best avenues for you.

Social Media Growth

Let’s work together to create a strategy for you to connect with your customers and potentional customers. Content marketing builds a solid foundation for representing your brand and building a loyal community of shoppers and clients.

Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising across Facebook Instagram is a great way to reach new customers. It is cheaper and more effective than traditional PPC, and the audiences you can target are endless. Get in touch for a free strategy meeting to discuss how paid Ads across social media can help accelerate your business growth!

Content Management

Not sure what content will work best for your business? We can help conceptualise, create and deliver effective content for all business types and sizes.

Branding / Logo Design

Creative Branding Strategy and Development, including graphic design, logo design and rebranding. If you have an idea and need it brought to life, we can help. If your branding is looking tired and outdated, we can make your rebranding process seamless and simple

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a super effective way to communicate with your customers. Update them on what’s happening within your business, tell them about sales or new products - the opportunities are endless. Email marketing can also be noninvasive - a simple thank you for your business, or follow up on a purchase. Build credibility and trust with a strategic email marketing plan.